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Who is Mr. Fancy Plants?

Mr Fancy Plants

Mr. Fancy Plants Daylily Nursery is a small family owned and operated mail order daylily nursery located in Cross Lanes, WV. The farm is located at our home where I, Mike McDonald, my wife Diane, her many chickens, several dogs and cats reside. We are the smallest registered working farm in Kanawha county WV. Check Diane's chickens at: Chicken Addicts Anonymous

I started hybridizing daylilies a few years ago. I am looking to produce a daylily that performs well in my climate with its warm spells in winter, many freeze thaw cycles in the spring and dry August and September. I want a plant that reblooms reliably, has good looking foliage spring through fall, and increases moderately quickly. I am focused on producing spider/unusual form flowers and am incorporating flowers with teeth and patters. I have a couple plants that I'm keeping as 'bridge plants', not what I want to introduce but I think they will help take me where I want to go.  Doesn't really matter if I ever get an introduction quality daylily, I'm having fun!

Our Daylilies

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What You Get

Our Daylilies are field grown and naturally propagated. They grow in a clay soil that has been amended with composted horse manure, and top dressed with more compost annually. I use Milorganite at the beginning of the bloom season to help deter deer and provide some fertilization. I love all types of daylilies and grow a wide assortment. I add recent introductions every year and evaluate them for a couple years before offering them for sale. I will not sell a daylily that does not perform well for us in zone 6. I want you to be pleased with our daylilies and guarantee them for 1 year no matter what. When you order from us, you will receive:

  • at least a vigorous hand dug double fan(or two single fans) division of the cultivar you ordered. Extras are given if supply allows.  
  • It will arrive with the foliage trimmed and the roots cleaned of any dirt/debris.
  • Each will be labeled with a tag in permanent ink(warning it fades). We also include a free metal garden sign that, so far after 6 years here, has not begun to fade.
  • Each plant is wrapped in paper.
  • All plants are shipped within 24 hours from being dug. We prefer Priority Mail (white boxes, white truck-makes me feel that they wont get too hot.)


Many thanks for a wonderful tour of the daylilly farm. My husband, sister, sister's fiance, and I traveled to Crosslanes to "see for ourself" the many beautiful flowers and purchase some beauties for our garden. I have bought flowers off the internet from Mike for at least 3 years now but this was my first trip. It certainly will not be my last! Mike has over 400 different flowers to choose from and the flowers are magnificent.Mike was gracious enough to dig and package them so we were able to take them home with us. Thank you for a wonderful day. 

Deedee ; Beckley, WV 06/12

Mike, Since June, I've ordered daylilies from seven different mail order businesses. In addition, I've gone to three daylily farms to purchase additional plants. Even though I've written that I've received your plants, I felt an additional email was warranted. Now that all of my orders are in, your daylily plants excel over all others. Strong, sturdy plants, "huge plants" put you at the top of my list for re orders in the future. Think it's the chicken compost tea? My mother-in-law loved her chickens and used it all of the time. 

Sandy 10/8/11


Thank you so much for the care you took in making sure my plants would be
shipped in favorable conditions! I have ordered from other daylily websites
and the quality and customer service show in the tremendous quality of the
plants I received. I can't wait to see them bloom next spring/summer!

Steve 09/10/10


Mike – Just a quick note to let you know that your plants arrived today, and of course, were planted right away. I want to THANK YOU for the TERRIFIC plants, and the WONDERFUL gifts!!! Sadly, some of the scapes did not survive the journey intact, but some did and I will have great fun anticipating their “grand opening”. Of course you are also to be commended for the size of the fans/clumps – especially ‘Corinthian Pink’! I think my students would describe it as “ginormous”. Anyway, I couldn’t be happier with the plants you sent me, and of course, your generosity. I hope this email finds you well.

Larry 05/26/16