(Benz-J., 2006)

  • height 40in (102cm)
  • bloom 8in (20.5cm)
  • season M
  • Rebloom
  • Dormant
  • Tetraploid
  • Fragrant
  • 28 buds, 3 branches

Unusual Form Crispate,  Red with gold fringe edge above green throat.

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Data sheet

Bloom SeasonMiddle
Foliage HabitDormant
RebloomYes per hybridizer

More info

     tet 40" M. Dor. (Braided Lightning X Tet. Spindazzle) BRAIDED LIGHTNING was the most spectacular of my first crop of STARTLE seedlings, with better color and substance than its famous parent, and an even better scape, but was just too narrow to fit into my breeding program. Then I saw Dan Trimmer's spectacular CROCODILE'S SMILE, and made a few exploratory narrow edged crosses. The cross of (BRAIDED LIGHTNING X TETRA SPINDAZZLE) was more exciting than I could have imagined, as most of the seedlings were big powerful plants with great scapes and branching and most were 7"+ flowers with decent red color and lacey fringed edges. I saved 17 out of 68 sibs, and took 3 years to pare it down to just 2 introductions. LIGHTNING STORM, comes closest to my original vision when I made this fortuitous cross, and is much like an 8" very narrow spidery version of BRAIDED LIGHTNING, with a taller, more elongated scape and wider spaced lateral branches. This bright red star shaped crispate blooms on a straight strong 40" scape that never leans and displays up to 28 of these big 8" blooms up and out on 3 nicely staggered laterals and a terminal cluster. The only one of its kind - there are NO others! An 8" narrow red with a lacey white edge on a big vigorous true blue-green hard dormant plant. Indispensable for the hybridizer trying to put edges on the red spiders. Fertile both ways, but a difficult pod-parent in full sun. Re-blooms.   

Per Hybridizer


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