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  • (Benz-J., 2006)height 40in (102cm) bloom 8in (20.5cm) season M Rebloom Dormant Tetraploid Fragrant 28 buds, 3 branchesUnusual Form Crispate,  Red with gold fringe edge above green throat.

  • (Emmerich, 2011)height 36in (91cm) bloom 6.5in (16.5cm) season M Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid Fragrant 15 buds, 4 branches Blood red with soft cranberry pink watermark, gold filigree, green throat. ((((Tomorrow`s Glory × Absolute Treasure) × Born to Reign) × (No More Tears × Tet.Painted Rose)) × ((Eyes on the Prize × Belle Cooke) × Born to Reign ))

  • (Trimmer-J., 2008)height 40in (102cm) bloom 8in (20.5cm) season EM, Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid 25 buds, 3 branches Unusual Form Cascade,  Intense orange with hot red eye above yellow throat. ((sdlg × Tet. Chesapeake Crablegs) × Tet. Walter's Tango)

  • Petit (2008)(Catcher in the Eye x Meet Joe Black X Rippled Oasis)Height: 34" Bloom Size: 5.5" Ploidy: Tet Dormancy: SEv Bloom Season: M Branching: Number of buds: 20coral with purple eye above green to gold appliqué throat

  • (Gossard, 2006)height 30in (76cm) bloom 10.5in (26.5cm) season M Rebloom Dormant Tetraploid Fragrant 18 buds, 3 branches Red with darker watermark above green throat. (((Court Magician × Galaxy Rose) × Red Hurricane) × Webster's Pink Wonder)

  • (Clement, 2006)height 31in (79cm) bloom 6in (15.0cm) season La Dormant Diploid 25 buds  4 branches Unusual Form Crispate  Maroon red self above yellow throat. (Hoosier Twister × Later Alligator)

  • (Wilkerson, 2010) ((Cameroons × Valley Monster) × (Cameroons Twister × Waiting in the Wings))   height 34in (86cm) bloom 9.5in (24.0cm) season EM Rebloom Evergreen Tetraploid 28 buds 4 branchesBright red with green throat. Unusual Form Cascade

Why Buy Daylilies From Mr Fancy Plants?

  • Freshly Dug Daylilies

    Our Daylilies are dug, soil removed, trimmed and packed within 24 hours of shipping.  All are sent as two fans or a two fan division of blooming size and shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Our daylilies are guaranteed to live at least One Year.  You will enjoy your daylilies for many years to come.

  • If there is an issue

    Please call immediately on receipt. We stand behind our plants all are guaranteed to be heathy and true to name. Your satisfaction and repeat business are very important to us and reputation is everything.  If there is an issue we will do all we can to remedy it to your complete satisfaction. 

  • Secure and Easy Payments

    Your security is important to us. This site is protected by SSL encryption and Sitelock. We accept personal check or credit card payments through PayPal only.  During checkout you will be redirected directly to the PayPal site.  Paypal will relay to us only that the payment was made and the transaction number. Your payment information-card numbers etc., are never available to this website.  

Why Grow Daylilies?

  • Daylilies are Easy To Grow

    Everyone can enjoy growing daylilies.  The only perennial I know that can make anyone look like a Master Gardener.  Other than their beauty this is my favorite quality in a daylily.  I have killed a lot of plants but very few daylilies. 

  • There is a Daylily for every taste

    Amazing Variety! - There are all types of Daylilies, from 18" tall to daylilies near 6', Spiders, UFOs, Bagels, Round, about any color you want, patterns, teeth - Wow - anyone can find one they like.  We have a wide assortment of daylilies for sale. 

  • Daylilies are Versatile

    There is a place in every garden for a daylily. Use them as a focal point or mass planting, on hillsides, along paths, foundations and around ponds. Daylilies tolerate a wide variety of growing conditions, but be sure they get sun. Very drought tolerant when established.   They can take quite a bit of abuse but like everything else perform better with better conditions. All of our daylilies are performance tested in zone 6 in heavy clay soil amended with compost with no supplemental water.   

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