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Welcome to our new website

Mr. Fancy Plants Nursery is a small family owned and operated mail order daylily nursery located in Cross Lanes, WV. We sell field grown daylilies that have proven themselves hardy in our zone 6 amended clay soil. Over 300 varieties of daylilies are available for sale with a great selection of reblooming, edged and spider daylilies.  Many newer cultivars are very limited with only one or two available for sale. We believe in being as sustainable and organic as possible. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or insecticides on our farm. I do resort to selective herbicides when necessary though. We definitely believe the lack of chemicals and liberal use of compost on our farm result in a much healthier and disease resistant plant than one that is dependent on quick fix, petroleum based fertilizers and sprays. We rarely provide extra waterings, preferring to be sure that our cultivars are hardy and will thrive under normal garden settings. All of our daylilies are selected for performance in normal garden settings. These varieties do not need to be pampered with an abundance of water, fertilizers and perfect soil. We also raise several breeds of chickens and my wife sells hatching eggs at

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